Ford & Stanley celebrates another record year

Better workdays and environmental initiatives fuelling record 

Talent services specialist Ford & Stanley Group has reported another record annual performance this year, with staff retention and additional recruitment a key driver in its success.

Eoin Grindley, Finance Director said: “Following on from the very strong results in the 2022/23 financial year, 2023/24 will see a continuation in that growth in terms of turnover and profitability, much of which will continue to be reinvested in growth strategies and create further career and personal development opportunities for the team at Ford & Stanley Group.”

The business, which provides leadership, performance coaching and mental fitness support to complement the Group’s recruitment services, collectively delivered 393,000 better workdays for customers in 2022/23, resulting in a 22% year-on-year increase in turnover, continuing the company’s long-term trajectory of annual growth. The company’s One Million Better Workdays mission which employees are so proud of being a part of, is built on the ethos that if people are recruited into a role they enjoy, they work for better leaders and feel fully supported in terms of their mental fitness, they can perform to their A-game, and help cultivate a positive workplace.

Peter Schofield, Group Chairman cited the level of staff engagement in the company’s mission and environmental work as the key drivers of the company’s continued success.

“Our services are delivered by committed teams of people who care about the positive impact that they can have on other people’s lives. When, for example, one of our recruitment teams helps someone to enjoy better workdays through finding them a new role, they know that they are not only helping that person to enjoy 7 days a week rather than dread Monday mornings, they are also planting an oak tree as part of our environmental work which will provide up to one thousand years of environmental benefit as a direct result. This is genuinely powerful stuff.”

The company sponsors a conservation meadow where team members are actively involved in environmental improvement work and the planting of trees as part of the company’s Tree for Every Placement initiative.

Schofield further adds: “As we retained 100% of our post-probation recruitment teams and grew the teams overall by a further 20%, it’s evident that our people are totally engaged in what we do, how we do it and the things we collectively believe in.”

“In addition to our active values, team members themselves cited personal growth and development, and a positive team culture as the three main reasons why Ford & Stanley has a leading employer brand.”